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Black Metal Revolution - Motivation

Black Metal Revolution Blog #2 - Originally posted at Metal Maniacs Feb 12th, 2010

I have two passions in life… Black Metal and collecting records. Though I am cursed by a number of factors – living in Australia (everything costs a fortune to get mailed here) and never having enough money to buy all the records I wish to possess, I pursue this hunt as often as possible. Having never been a junkie, I can only imagine the hunger, and expect it’s on par with my need.

What does that have to do with the Black Metal Revolution book you ask?


In trying to build up something of a story for the book (figuratively rather than literally) I wanted to keep it as close to my chest as possible. For me the book is intrinsically bound within the flowering spores of simplexity. An idea that is fundamentally straight forward, yet one that can find itself readily attached to numerous philosophical slants. So I needed to be sure that I conveyed the mission of this book adequately; that people could get what it was all about without revision or confusion. And that there was actually something to say! An idea is great, but with no support for that idea, it’s well, not much… When I did run it up the flagpole I was pleased to discover there were those who saluted it. The idea possessed merit.

And conceptually what I am seeking in terms of submissions is pretty simple. I contact people from bands and ask them to compose their own, subjective-as-they-will opinions on their favourite black metal record. If you read my post from a couple of weeks ago titled Black Metal Revolution - Genesis you’ll see the criteria is kinda loose and what I deem as black metal is well outside the parameters of some of the close minded sets that manifested during the mid 90’s BM explosion and beyond. Yet what’s exciting is that so much can be read between the lines. The variables of meaning and significance attached have been revealing and I know this will only serve to increase the overall level of engagement experienced by readers.

Ultimately, I love collecting records and discussing them. Which leads me further along the line to this idea of motivation. Why am I doing this book? Loads of people have written a whole lot about various records. Everything that gets released gets reviewed, blogged and ripped for download. Cherished, or deigned to collect dust and choke up bytes in cyberspace. All that this really tells us however is that some guy had some-thing to say about that particular offering. Granted some reviews are more insightful than others; I myself having written hundreds of them in the past like to think my critiques bore worth. Despite that I can’t help but to feel that the whole release/review/regurgitate thing feels more than a little played out...

Now we’re really getting down to motivation…

No scenario can ever be described as categorical, but one generalized observation I feel comfortable in making is that headbangers proudly wear their devotion to their most revered cults on their sleeves. How many styles, scenes, or indie movements have sprung up, blatantly ripping off artists from the past and claiming oblivion to the bands they clearly stole from? I guess they are safe too as these bands don’t even need to convince the hype machine of their authenticity as those putting pen to paper in praise of these scenesters have no idea either. That’s another thing that makes Black Metal so absorbing. There is merit in paying homage to those who came before. It’s completely anomalous.

So, with all that in mind, who better to discuss these cult records than those possessed enough to summon their own musical manifestations? And cliché riddled reviews have not been welcomed. Discussion surrounding what it is about these records that makes them so important to the individual in question is the message sought. What it was that these records inspired in the author and the consequence of those influences. Consider too that these consequences aren’t always reflected in musical expression alone; that is something worth articulating.

If you keep an eye out on our Updates page, you’ll see snippets of personnel who have thus far sworn allegiance to the project or proffered pieces of their own. Take a look at our Black Metal Revolution Twitter Feed for insight or for a deeper impression, check out the Previews page which has approx 15 of the submissions that will appear in the book

I don’t intend to reveal too much about the records people have written about beyond the samples that have been posted, but I have made concessions for a couple of people who wanted to write about specific records exclusively. So if you’re reading this and want to submit a piece, please look beyond the following:

  • Sadistik Exekution – We Are Death Fukk You!
  • Parabellum – Sacrilegeo
Beyond those you are free to adopt whatever you wish…

Till next time.

For more, head over to Black Metal Revolution

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